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Root Canal Treatment

In cases where advanced dental caries is not treated, it starts to infect the pulp tissue, which is the vein and nerve ball inside the tooth, and cause damage to the root. The aim of endodontics is to remove the infected pulp tissue from the environment and to clean the root canals of the teeth and free them from bacteria. Usually, the treatment ends in 2 sessions. It can be done in a single session, or additional sessions may be needed in the presence of persistent infections. This treatment, which is performed under local anesthesia, is not a painful and frightening treatment as it is thought. If the tooth is not taken care of and caries are not treated, in cases where the pulp cannot heal itself due to deep caries and , the tooth loses its vitality, the infection may progress and spread to the whole tooth. If root canal treatment is not performed, the infection can reach the tissues at the root tip. The jawbone surrounding the tooth is also inflamed and eroded. An abscess is formed in this space. This picture is accompanied by pain and swelling, and the tooth is lost in a short time. A root canal treated tooth can be used for a lifetime with good care and regular checkups.

Today, all of the bacteria that cannot be removed by other methods in the disinfection of tooth root canals can be destroyed by using laser. However, with the Ni-Ti rotary system used, the working time in root canal treatment is much shorter.

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