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Prosthetic Dentistry Treatment

It is a treatment method that is made artificially to replace one or more teeth lost due to many reasons, and eliminates the patient's deficiencies in terms of function, phonation and aesthetics. Today, with the development of implant systems, implant supported prosthesis applications have also increased. Prosthetic teeth are divided into two as fixed dentures and removable dentures.

Fixed prosthesis is a type of prosthetic tooth that cannot be removed by the patient after it is inserted. Removable prosthesis is a type of prosthetic tooth that can be attached and removed by the patient and needs daily care. These removable prostheses, which can also be prepared with implant support, are more comfortable for the patient, more useful, and the results are more satisfactory.

The removable prosthesis is also divided into two. If the patient has lost all his teeth, who needs a full denture. Even if the patient has lost only part of teeth, a partial denture is needed. Partial dentures can be prepared with hooks and precision attachments. Precision-connected partial dentures are more preferred because they are more aesthetic.

 In fixed prosthesis, the patient's tooth is used. The patient's tooth is cut, prepared, then covered. After the treatment, it cannot be removed by the patient in any way, it is fixed in place. As an alternative to these coatings, which can also be prepared as porcelain with metal infrastructure, zirconium and full porcelain (empress) coatings, which offer more aesthetic and more natural results, nowadays can be preferred.

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