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Smile Design with Lamina Veneers

Hakan, who has a gingival smile, was treated with lamina veneers and designed a new smile.

 The patient's complaints;

 -A volume increase in the jaw area due to wear on the teeth and overwork of the jaw muscles due to the presence of bruxism, known as teeth grinding.  - Excessive appearance of gums when smiling (Gummy Smile)

 - Outward protrusion of tooth axes in appearance.


 Treatment stages, First of all, Botox was applied to the jaw muscles to prevent teeth clenching and to reduce the volume in the jaw area.  Then, the smile design was applied and the model was studied.  Excessively visible gingival and bony prominences were surgically corrected.  After the tissues healed after the surgical procedure, tooth cuts were made for lamina applications.  After the new teeth were bonded, a hard night plate called occlusal splint compatible with the new teeth was made, and the treatment was terminated.

TV8int City Life

Interview with Dentist Erdogan Ertek, who took part in the program "Şehirde Yaşam" broadcast on TV8int, under the titles of "Smile Design", "Surgical Guide and Seamless Implant" and "Bruxism (Teeth Clamping)".

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