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Laser Assisted Dentist

With the advancement of technology, the use of lasers in dentistry has become increasingly common. Dental lasers, which can be used in almost all departments of dentistry, have become an indispensable equipment of dentistry.

The areas where it is used;

  • Soft tissue surgery: It is used in various gingival reshaping, impacted wisdom tooth extractions, implant treatments, all soft tissue surgery in the mouth, especially in periodontology aesthetic applications. The biggest advantage is the lack of bleeding and pain after the procedure.

  • Gum pocket treatment: Dental lasers used in the disinfection of gingival pockets eliminate the bacteria in the pocket and ensure that the tissue becomes healthy again.

  • Pigmentation treatment: It provides an aesthetic appearance by lightening the color changes that appear as brown spots on the gums.

  • Peri-implantitis treatment: The infection of implants for various reasons is called periimplantitis. It is possible to treat this case just like in the gingival pocket treatment.

  • Root canal treatment: By disinfecting infected tooth root canals, it eliminates all bacteria in the environment and greatly increases the success rate of root canal treatment.

  • Bleaching: It is also used in the field of teeth whitening.

  • Pain treatment: It is especially used in the treatment of jaw joint pain.

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