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An aesthetic smile requires healthy and straight teeth, as well as the perfect harmony of gums and lips with these teeth. Therefore, initially, when there is any disease that concerns the teeth, gums and adjacent  tissues, it is have to eliminate this disease and make the tissues healthy. Afterwards, when we consider it aesthetically, it is possible to perfect the relationship of teeth, gingiva and lip with various gingival reshaping, laser applications, botox and dermal filling applications.

The aesthetics of the gums are determined by the color, surface and the level of the gum with the tooth. In case to achieve a pleasant, clean and harmonious smile, it is need to ensure the harmony between the teeth and the gums. Healthy gingiva has a shaggy appearance similar to orange peel, light pink color, tightly attached to the tooth and bone. Before aesthetic applications, if the gingiva is red, swollen, shiny and bleeding, it should be treated. It may be necessary to clean the tartars that cause these diseases by removing them from the environment and to apply different treatments such as curettage of diseased gums.

Swelling and bruising caused by gingivitis are among the most common problems in the gums. Subsequently the treatment to be applied for these, paying attention to oral care and paying attention to oral hygiene will help solve this problem.Nowadays developed laser technology is frequently used in dentistry, the treatment process is shortened and the probability of recurrence of this problem is reduced. After mechanical cleaning of the gums, bacteria called pockets with laser and causing disquieting in the gums are easily cleaned from here. 

The situation in which the gums appear excessively while smiling is defined as "Gummy Smile". The excesses in the gums are determined when making a personalized smile design. These excesses are brought to the appropriate level with the help of laser or cautery ruthlessly, without bleeding and easily. With the Botox application, the gums can be prevented from appearing in this way, with the upper lip falling down a little, without a change in expression in the person.

If people are especially swarthy, the natural light pink appearance of the gingiva becomes darker due to melanin pigmentation. Such encolouring are successfully removed with a laser treatment lasting 15 minutes.

Especially,gingival operations are very common in laser dentistry. Nowadays,laser assisted dentistry procedures are becoming more common due to for patient's treatment become more painless and more comfortable.

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