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Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Departmant of oral diagnosis is that includes the diagnosis and treatment planning oral and dental diseases. Radiology act a part an important  in diagnosis and treatment planning. Panoramic or periapical radiographs obtained from the patient provide us with all the information we need in the relevant field. The clinical examination is supported by these radiographs, with a detailed anamnesis of the patient.

New X-ray devices produced with the development of technology less radiation scattenig. As a result of the analyzing, the radiation dose that the human body receives from a dental x-ray is more lower than the radiation dose it receives from an airplane trip.

Panoramic Radiography: It is X-ray film that can show the patient's lower and upper teeth, jaw joints, the structure of the jaw bones and the sinuses adjacent to these tissues and their relations with each other.

Periapical Radiography:Periapical Radiography: X-ray film including a small portion of 2-3 teeth in the jaw. Compared to panoramic radiography, it transmit the structure of the teeth and bone in the relevant field in more detail.

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